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tahan. civil engineering -The right way

.TAHAN - Engineering Design (1985) Ltd
Surveying, planning, and engineering services


TAHAN- Engineering Design (1985) Ltd. is engaged in the surveying and planning of earthworks, roads, development and drainage work, traffic planning, parking lots, and traffic lights.
Our headquarters are located at 13 Tzivoni St., LehaviM, Israel
Our main branch is at 9 Mezada Street, Bnei Brak
The company specializes in the provision of surveying and design services for all aspects of transportation, roads, and infrastructures for developers and

Public institutions.


1.  Our company employs skilled surveying teams under the close supervision of a certified geodetic and surveying engineer.

2.   Our surveying teams have innovative precision instruments, including state-of-the-art GPS instruments. 

3.   The design team at the office includes engineers, practical engineers, and technicians who plan earthworks and site development and design streets, paving, drainage, traffic, and traffic lights.

4.   The design teams have the most sophisticated innovative computing systems and engineering software.

  • The office team includes the following professionals:

  •     Civil engineers

  •   Industrial and management engineers

  •  A licensed surveyor and geodetic engineer

  •   Transportation and traffic engineers

  •    Practical engineers

  •    Draftsmen

  • The administrative team includes secretaries, accountants, and maintenance staff.

memberships IN PROFESSIONAL Associations
  • The firm's engineers are members of the Israel Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers

  • The firm's surveyors are members of the Israel Institute of licensed Surveyors

  • The firm is registered in the registry of recognized work executors at the Survey of Israel, the Israel Land Authority, Netivei Israel Ltd., Israel Railways, Cross Israel Highway Ltd., Israel Ports Development and Assets Ltd., Ashdod Port Company Ltd., and more.

SI ISO 9001 Quality Management System

The Standards Institution of Israel has tested and audited the company's quality management system and found that it has conformed to the Israeli and international standard SI ISO 9001 since 1996.

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